More than 15 years publishing online and traditional documentation, implementing guides, release notes, online help, SDLC deliverables and reference manuals.

I have excellent written and oral communications skills, and write documentation that my user audience can understand and use to learn.

As a Certified Microsoft Office User, I consider myself an expert in Word and Powerpoint. I’m also extremely familiar with Excel and Powerpoint. I’ve coded in Access and MSSQL.

I have a long time familiarity with FrameMaker and was a beta tester for a version of  RoboHelp.

I’ve used XMetaL for extensive XML authoring, and created templates for a major implementation of the DITA and XML authoring tool AuthorIt.

Jay Reidy
‘Tis I. And my friend George in the background. I’ve often been tempted to put him in the passenger seat and see if that counts for those stupid diamond lanes.

My web skills includes a srtong knowledge of page design CSS, XHTML, Photoshop and most recently WordPress.

I’m also a member of the National Ski Patrol where I’m a CPR instructor and teach Outdoor Emergency Care. I’ve got about 5,000 hours in Hueys and about 1000 in fixed wing aircraft.