Welcome to Jay’s Home Page.

I’m a technical writer by trade and a ski patroller by avocation. I like to play with computers and spend a lot of time trying to learn more about what makes them tick and how to program them to do what I want.

A retired Marine, I flew helicopters most of my career, but started out as an enlisted Recon Marine and ended it as the Military Adviser to the Navy’s SeaBees.

In addition to skiing, I like to lift weights, ride a bike and read. I don’t own a TV and have four or five computers in various and sundry configurations and operating systems.

I’ve got two kids and and one wife. She is a librarian and far smarter than I am.

In my spare time I practice magic and once performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I like to fish, tie flies, turn wood and build things.

My memberships include the International Brotherhood of Magicians, The IEEE Computer Society and the National Ski Patrol. I created the web page for the Western Region of the NSP.

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